New Vintage Décor Items are Here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnelle just arrived home with a number of new items for Mignonne. She is returning from a trip assisting her mom and partner, Kimberlee, prepare for her move abroad to Brantôme, France. Later in the summer, once Kim is established, we'll be bringing in new items directly from France to add a unique flavor to the shop.

Pictures are coming, items include a very collectible selection of vintage roosters and chickens, done in porcelain. Also, over a dozen teacups and saucers of English bone china (Royal Albert, Staffordshire) and one or two from occupied Japan.

One or 2 new vintage furniture pieces ... a mid-century french provincial style ladies' desk with embossed leather touches.

Coming soon are several vintage painted furniture pieces ~ keep checking back for updates!

Read more about Kim's French adventure at her blog, "Non. Je ne regrette rien".



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